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May be this is not the most direct application of the medication but I usually take Doxylamine when I have another break up of my allergy. The thing is that I am allergic to almost everything: pollen, animal hair, certain fruits, dust and mites. All this makes up a big problem for me, as though the allergy is not that severe - no fainting, no lung edema or anything that dramatic - I still suffer greatly from constantly running nose, red eyes and sneezing. And definitely I do not look like a pleasant company for anyone as people are afraid that I am seriously ill and prefer to keep away from me. Besides such allergies tend to get more severe if not treated and I was afraid of the risk. So I asked my doc for a solution and he offered me Doxylamine as a medication to cool down my mild allergy. Now it's always with me. The drug is very effective in eliminating my allergy symptoms. I like the way it works without creating additional problems for me. Perfect medication, especially taking into account the affordable price.
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For me Doxylamine turned out to be a real life-saver when last month during my exams I unexpectedly developed serious insomnia. It was all very shocking for me as firstly, I had no real problems with my exams and was ready and prepared; secondly, I had never had any problems with sleep and insomnia was something like a fabricated excuse people used to hide real problems or their laziness. At first I decided that I couldn't sleep because of an extra cup of coffee I thoughtlessly drank in the evening. But on the second night the story repeated. My college friend advised me Doxylamine. At first I was not sure, but after the third sleepless night, when I realized that now my exams were really in danger, I accepted his offer and started taking Doxylamine pills. The medication is really amazing. On the first night when I started using the drug I had perfect sleep. On the next night I decided to continue in order to avoid insomnia recurrence. In three days I stopped taking the pills and there were no more problems with sleep. Besides I noticed no side effects during the treatment, in spite of the fact that my friend had warned me about possible dizziness or slightly blurred vision. In a few words, perfect medication - I recommend it to others.

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